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January 14, 2010
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Tinker Town by Pippanaffie Tinker Town by Pippanaffie

>I did this ONLY in paint, and I really worked hard on this. (somehow, yes, I think I did ._. )
>I ONLY, I mean ONLY used the mouse for the WHOLE drawing since I wanted to challenge myself if I could do it without giving up, And I did! x_x
>I HATE THE BACKGROUND... (Slumberpoppy will probably comment about it! please don't make me feel bad...
>I didn't bring justice to THESE PEOPLE... SHOOT ME NOW....
>Did this 3 weeks ago... I HATE ME....
>THERE'S A LINE UP THERE!!! It won't get off ;A; *will fix sometime*

But I really enjoyed doing this; I love getting tired from drawing in MS paint xDD
Argh.... I wish I did better D: *hides from Slumberpoppy*

Anyways, just some descriptions.

Tinker Town... Just seems so smart! They have a lot of stuff, specifically ingredients, elemental stuff and since there are a lot of alchemists and crap like that, They have a lot of cool stuff that has some nice things on it. Also, we have Key here~! he's a cool smith, and a creative inventor. The greatest smith is Key's dad, and his brother is the greatest alchemist, which is Ry's dad. Sadly, Key's dad passed away. So... Yada yada. You can find a lot of books here 8D Anti-nerd? STAY AWAY...

Now these characters... (from left to right) Uhh... shortened... *dies* =_="

Ry - (14 years old) Ry may look a bit like the typical upbeat and cheerful type, But truly she's a tough girl, and quite boyish. Ry always hated being called "cute" or "small" or anything related to that. She wants to be taken seriously, and she never liked girly stuff. Ry's a skilled alchemist, like her father. But she's never contented with just getting info from the many books she read. She thinks that she should find things out by trying out things, and not just reading stuff. Ry always thought she never had a brother, and just felt that Key, her cousin, is like her "big brother". She always thought Key is the only one who understands her. Ry may think of it that way, but who knew she actually had a long lost brother?

"Don't call me cute! I don't like it!"

Key - (16 years old) Key is Ry's cousin who became like a big brother to her. Since his parents died from an accident, he had to live with Ry. Key is the youngest to ever become an official Smith and open a shop. Key not only specializes in shaping weapons, but also creating the alloy and material needed since he has some knowledge in alchemy. Key barely goes out into battle at all and barely leaves his shop. He, however, constantly defends his shop from thieves and other rivals who try to destroy it. Rumor has it that he doesn't sleep, but the secret is that he creates robots of himself to trick people into thinking he's awake. His happy-go-lucky facade actually hides his determination in his life goal. Key knows Ry's long lost brother, but didn't mentioned anything about him.


Gears - (unknown ; depends) Gears is the last chronicler in the world. Chroniclers are time magicians who existed eons ago. Gears could appear to be silent and she's not very comfortable with socializing. Gears then travelled away from the time of war and arrived in the present time. Though she works for survival and money through missions with Sei, she never really knew what her life goal is or the "mission" she had to fulfill. Gears seems to be able to warp, move with blinding speed and has an incredibly good photographic memory. As a chronicler, Gears is able to manipulate time. Apparently, Gears notices anything as a soldier, except Key.

"...Can we get to our mission now?"

Sei - (14 years old) A tough friend of Ry who is quite competitive of a lot of things. Before, Sei stopped being Ry's friend because, well, her competitive side dragged her to do so. She wanted to be better than Ry, and so she stayed with Gears for a while. This goal made Gears wonder why she's over-focused on the missions, and made sure she does well. After all those, and meeting with Ry again, Sei finally apologized for being such a bad friend. Ry easily forgave her. Sei, being a gunner, is actually very good at fighting. She may have even surpassed Ry's strength. Sei has a sharp tongue, and she's very straightforward. She's also very tough, and she speaks up whenever needed. She's also very curious about Gears' past, and why she has such a unique power.

"Only fools give up easily when they feel like losers!"


Ry... I find her kinda boring ;A;
Hoorah for Key and Gears!!! *pops out confetti on their heads*
And Sei... Is just Sei. ._.

Woot! Tinker Town!!! xDDD I did this faster than Ome ._.
Next up is... The Town!

Tinker Town belongs to me.
Ry and Sei belongs to me.
Gears and Key belongs to :iconslumberpoppy:

...that was fast in uploading O_O
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ValaSedai Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I totally love Key! *___* He's almost as awesome as Illie! :D
Pippanaffie Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011
HAHAHA! xDD Credit goes to Slumberpoppy!
ValaSedai Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
either way, he's AWESOME! xD
Pippanaffie Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011
Haha! xDD He is!
rianbowart Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
UV GOT POTENTIAL AND TALENT!!! wooooow ur just awesome :faint:
Pippanaffie Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2010
Oh gee, thanks. n.n
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yay!!! it's me!!!!
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Oh my!! You did this with PAINT!!! :wow:
Pippanaffie Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2010
Y-yeah :)
anime-kelsey26 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2010
Well, I congratulate you because the colouring is just awesome! I could bever do anything on paint like that! :clap:
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